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We started the company over two years ago, after we noticed that a weekend project helping a friend a weekend here and there, was turning into every weekend. My name is Attila Orban and I am a trained carpenter and general contractor. My company started because whatever project I take on, I work every detail with the upmost care. 

The Handy Hun provides exceptional general contracting services, ranging from home repair and remodel to complex, multi-faceted general contracting services. We also specialize in customized carpentry solutions for your whole project.

From your a door hinge to a complete home reconfiguration, no job is too small or too big. 

We take our time to get to know our client's particular wishes and needs and we strive to meet them to perfection. 

Compared to other contractors we work one project at a time so we guarantee that the team that will work with you will never leave your site to go off to another in the middle of your project.

We look forward to working on you working with you!

Best regards,


Attila Orban

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